Consulting project highlights for the types of projects eComp Consultants has provided enterprise modernization, business process analysis, product development, systems integration and convergence strategy and smart grid initiatives:

Enterprise-wide Transformation and Global Convergence Initiative
Provided strategic business analysis for national media marketing company to transform obsolete business processes and integrate with modern technology solutions. Developed business case and project proformas which resulted in development of proprietary web-based client services system, including: design and development of prototypes, web operations and user interfaces. Hosted workshops, review sessions and developed web user interface. Acted as internal liaison between IT, Operations and executive staff, as well as external liaison with client base. Performed usability testing with the clients and internal users for client website operations. Developed and delivered marketing, sales, client support and client training. Represented company at national user groups to promote product and present phased demonstrations. Consulted on all phases of project from inception to rollout.

Web-based Solutions Integration
Provided strategic consulting services for major International airline company to transform obsolete business process and integrate with modern technology platforms. Designed and developed authentication methodology and implemented web-based solution for user access as well as conducted user acceptance testing and certification of implementation. Designed and developed web-based solution for applying standard customer profile information to bookings for airline, hotel and rental care preferences which integrated with third party booking engine. Designed and developed statistical analysis and rules engine solution for loyalty program support.

Strategic IT Transformation
Provided consulting services for International hosting services company to ensure core services met growth path. Evaluated existing exponential growth patterns and evaluated alternate solutions to meet IT services needs, including inventory management, electronic communications and security.

Legacy System Refresh
Provided consulting, engineering and development services to large domestic companies running legacy mainframe applications. The effort involved engineering a web-based front end using web services to invoke the mainframe based (CICS) business and database layers.

Global Web Management
Designed corporate web architecture for 35 individual Smith & Nephew websites maintained in the US and 14 countries for both corporate clients and internal users. Directed a staff of professionals that developed and managed these sites. Optimized search engine ranking and website meta tagging. Developed corporate technology and IT standards and policies including web hosting agreements, IT service contracts (SLAs) and web development standards.

Enterprise Content Management
Designed and implemented business strategy and content management system for a 13-volume construction industry product catalog suite. The system automated the multipurposing of single source content to simultaneous print and web publishing. Process included automated work flow engine for review and approval of content. Published content was personalized based on publication type (web, web feature, web gallery, print).

Outage Management System (OMS) Integration
Provided domain expertise and analysis services for systems integration project for a North American electric utility to interface selected OMS with existing multi-vendor systems. Developed business requirements and utilization cases, compared product specifications to requirements and documented functionality gaps. Participated in RFP response team, reviewed vendor specifications, documented design approaches and negotiated redesign as needed. Managed, developed and assessed approaches to gaps. Developed strategy for completing testing activities to meet audit requirements and assure a successful product implementation. Assisted in user acceptance testing and training for dispatch and mobile workforce, including full scale integration and performance testing.

Provided domain expertise and consulting services for upgrade of mobile workforce management solution at a North American Utility. Provided full scale support of test planning and execution to ensure functional requirements were met by upgrade and that upgraded product met performance criteria. Supported project from upgrade requirements through rollout.

Mobile Workforce Solutions Architecture
Consulting and account management services for vendor of web-based Mobile Workforce Scheduling and Management System. Reviewed client environments to determine product fit to business requirements and embedded base applications. Defined scope and developed project plans for product integration of web products into existing client environments. Supported alliance partners, such as GE and Telvent for RFP and client support and sales initiatives in various countries, including: Australia, Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand and across the US.

SAP CRM / Mobile Workforce / EDI Integration
Systems Integration and business process consulting services for North American Utility associated with the SAP CRM, Mobility Mobile Workforce Management and SAP IDE – IBM WebSphere EDI solutions. Reviewed SAP BluePrints, facilitated design sessions between client, SAP and Mobile Workforce vendor, developed detailed Requirements and integration specifications between Mobile Workforce vendor and SAP workflows, participated with the SAP team in performing detailed integration testing SAP transactions, IDOCs, workflows, etc. Developed detailed specifications for IBM’s Websphere Electronic Data Interchange for the transformation of IDOCs from/to XML for Mobile Workforce Management Project. Ensured compliance with state regulatory agencies and that client requirements were met.

Remote Meter Disconnect
Provided consulting and analysis services on feasibility for North American Utility to implement Remote Meter Disconnection and related interfaces to the SAP CCS system. Documented design approaches and conducted design review meetings with IT and Meter Services. Developed methods of verification of meter disconnect and communication of disconnect status to customers, the utility company’s Mete Services department and the vendor of remote disconnect device.

Power Distribution & Transmission Application Development Developed an industry award winning set of applications for major South Florida Utility to automate the engineering, design, cost estimating, planning and scheduling of power distribution substation and power transmission network projects. Environment: PCs, Macs, IBM host, Sun Unix Minis, Oracle

Power Delivery process modeling & analysis
Developed detailed visual business process model and 650 pages of documentation on 12+ information systems, 1500+ business functions and 3,500 employees; identified, analyzed and addressed 144 separate business issues for major South Florida Utility.

Substation construction project management system
Developed corporate strategy for major South Florida Utility to replace their Project Update and Reporting (PUR) application suite used in substation engineering, design, cost estimating, planning and scheduling. Strategy involved developing an end-to-end model of the Power Delivery business process and coordinating between eight business units supported by 26 separate software systems to produce a detailed plan to improve the total business process. Advised on integration of these systems with other systems within utility including accounting and regulatory reporting.

Business Rule Processing Engines
Provided consulting, engineering and development services to a large Medicare claims processing company related to the definition and selection of a Business Rule Processing Engine (BRPE). The BRPE allowed a business person to view, modify and create processing rules in support of their business with zero to minimal support from the IT staff.

Document Management and Work Flow
Provided consulting, engineering and development services to large remittance processing companies. Designed and implemented systems and procedures to capture, image and archive incoming documents, manage the work flow, handle exceptions and prepare for hourly bank deposits. In most cases, images were processed by offshore teams while the actual documents were processed onshore.

Business Analysis and Process Studies
Provided Strategic Consulting services to evaluate business processes for various major North American and German utility companies to ensure integration of new technologies into embedded base systems maintained and enhanced current operations. Documented utilization cases and business scenarios that must be supported and provided integration studies to ensure operations enhancements met business objectives.

Business Development / Executive Coaching
Partnered with business owner of sole proprietorship to transform periodic consulting engagement into a boutique consulting firm. Provided consulting and executive coaching in business plan development, marketing strategy and growth initiatives as the business evolved. Served as project manager for the execution of these plans and the implementation of business tools. Developed unique processes for client deliverables and implemented business tools to automate processes and reduce overhead. Increased revenue by over 400% in first year.

Project Management and Software Development Methodology
Designed and implemented software development and project management methodology for Electronic Publishing company’s E-business division. Analyzed existing business processes, identified process inefficiencies and resource gaps. Implemented new business process and project management methodology for all phases of system development from sales through customer support. Designed matrix management structure and implemented resource pools to meet the operational needs and coordinated a reorganization of management and staff.

Remote Client Support Services
Established and managed facilities to provide network and IT management support for over 800 customer users, including a 24×7 helpdesk for utility dispatch centers and IT departments and a network monitoring system for real-time monitoring by clients.

Competitive Analysis
Advised on product specifications, competitiveness and emerging market conditions for major North American Insurance Company. Performed competitive analysis of 30+ potential competitors and partners. Advised product changes to add features to meet emerging needs company had not considered, to increase competitive strength and to add compatibility with industry’s ACORD document standards and emerging industry-wide automated work flows. Identified critically important need for integrating with Document Management Systems, Content Management Systems and Marketing/Sales Management Systems work flows leading to cross-industry market opportunities. Developed 3 year plan for future product development roadmap.

Artificial Intelligence-Based Problem Solving Software
Conceived and developed artificial intelligence-based problem solving software. Responded to market demand for tools to quickly resolve problems in a high leverage way with desktop and server computers. Designed a breakthrough, high-performance inference engine for a product that discovered and solved configuration problems for desktop computers. No similar technology existed at that time which could meet performance requirements. Defined products for three separate market segments: desktop, professional and enterprise. Designed and developed a process driven relational marketing system to maintain constant awareness of the state of prospects and customers to support continuous marketing initiatives. Developed marketing communications, produced packaging and ad designs, tracked sales and collected customer feedback for future product planning. Defined direct and channel marketing strategies, which included setting up distribution with top 11 US and international distributors; developing relationships with several dozen US and international resellers; and creating internal direct marketing capability that eventually outsold all other channels combined, due to effectiveness of our relational marketing systems. The company enjoyed industry recognition for its achievements and a customer base of more 120,000 users.

Financial Balancing
Created a successful business from a kernel idea, which consisted of working with clients from a sales and service oriented background to take their idea and develop it into a viable business. The project required continuous team development in all phases over a 22 month period. Main responsibilities included developing and managing a project plan for extensive research and planning activities prior to company launch. Developed a work breakdown structure, estimated time and resource requirements and projected cost to obtain $400K advance from investors. Developed & managed project plans for execution of the business plan post company launch. Developed detailed plans to build the company from scratch, including business process design and operational and customer-facing software systems development. Designed the company’s enterprise, application and technical architectures, which included multiple databases, web-based applications and interfaces for the company’s two web sites. Planned, defined and designed 8 major business processes and supporting systems for dealing with consumer clients, financial services professionals and financial services companies.

Data Mining & Warehousing
Provided architectural consulting services to a large International Telecom in support of a large scale data warehousing and data mining application.

Wireless Local Number Portability – U.S. Nationwide Launch
Served as development specialist and subject matter expert to Sales, Business Development, Training and Production Support organizations for International Cellular Clearinghouse Company. Designed and developed the reporting data warehouse and client billing processes which support WNP (Wireless Number Portability) Service Bureau and Clearinghouse product offerings. Provided significant expertise in the technical internals, database design and API requirements of Telcordia’s SMG (Service Management Gateway) platform; WNP WICIS Industry standards; InterCarrier Communications (ICC) Process; Service Order Administration (SOA)/NPAC interaction; and Tekelec LSMS database access.

Wireless Local Number Portability – Canadian Nationwide Launch
Provided strategic and tactical guidance to Canada’s largest wireless carrier, in the successful, on-schedule implementation of Canadian wireless number portability. Developed detailed specifications used by carrier’s internal business applications for interface to the Syniverse/Telcordia Service Management Gateway (SMG) for communication of wireless port requests and responses to wireless and wireline trading partners. Served as carrier’s representative to several industry-level committees, including SMG Defect Management and SMG Testing, acting as liaison between carrier and all other Canadian carriers. Developed detailed specifications for acceptance and regression testing of SMG for entire Canadian industry. Provided in-depth knowledge of Telcordia SMG interface, Canadian portability standards (CWNPG and CLOG), Wireless to Wireline (WPR to LSR) translation requirements and post-implementation data analysis to determine customer porting trends and roadblocks.

Enterprise-wide Deployment of Distributed Computing Architecture
Developed technical specifications for numerous systems across operations for Major North American Telephone Company, primarily within the Customer Contact and Operations domains. Technical specifications established the hardware, software and network architecture with emphasis on a distributed, UNIX-based, client/server environment. Established corporate standards for Relational DBMS products, including interaction with Oracle and Informix vendors. Established corporate standards for UNIX hardware and operating system platforms, including interaction with SUN, HP and IBM vendors.

Mediation & Pre-Billing
Provided consulting, engineering and development services to a large International Telecom to support their mediation and pre-billing application that processes over 750,000 telecom events per day.

Performance Engineering
Provided Consulting services for Regional DSL provider to ensure integration of CRM upgrades met performance requirements for client response and system updates. Reviewed requirements and vendor designs for impact and evaluated alternate solutions for integrated services. Established test plans and cases specifically for performance criteria.

Con Edison
Cleco Power
Duke Energy / Cinergy
EPCOR – Canada
Montana-Dakota Utilities
Philadelphia Gas Works
Southwest Gas
United Illuminating
Virginia Power/Dominion
Wisconsin Energy Corp

Bell Canada
Global Crossings
Mercury Telecom – England
PTT Netherlands
Roger’s Wireless – Canada
Rythms DSL

Business-to-Business/Consumer Products
AAA Travel
Eckerd Pharmacy
The Nielsen Company
Smith & Nephew, Inc.
United Airlines