Business Process Analysis & Development

eComp Consultants assists organizations in optimizing their business processes to improve their effectiveness and efficiency in delivering goods and services. We help our customers design a future process, create an action plan and develop metrics that support efficient implementation and future viability of their business technology and workflow.  Some successful projects include:

  • Business Analysis and Process Studies
    Provided Strategic Consulting services to evaluate business processes for various major utility companies to ensure integration of new technologies into embedded base systems including maintenance and enhancement of current operations.
  • Business Rule Processing Engines
    Provided consulting, engineering and development services to a large Medicare claims processing company related to the definition and selection of a Business Rule Processing Engine (BRPE). The BRPE allowed a business person to view, modify and create processing rules in support of their business with zero to minimal support from the IT staff
  • Competitive Analysis
    Advised on product specifications, competitiveness and emerging market conditions for major North American Insurance Company, consisting of competitive analysis of 30+ potential competitors and development of a 3 year plan for future product development roadmap.
  • Enterprise-wide Deployment of Distributed Computing Architecture
    Developed technical specifications for numerous systems across operations for Major North American Telephone Company including development of technical specifications to establish the hardware, software and network architecture with emphasis on a distributed network.
  • Performance Engineering
    Provided Consulting services for Regional DSL provider to ensure integration of CRM upgrades met performance requirements for client response and system updates. Reviewed requirements and vendor designs for impact and evaluated alternate solutions for integrated services. Established test plans and cases specifically for performance criteria.